Sierra Towel Warmer TW-SR-08PS-HW

Sierra Towel Warmer

Square, polished stainless steel electric towel warmer

    The Sierra Towel Warmer is manufactured with a flawless polished  finish providing lasting beauty and durability. With 8 sleek horizontal     bars, it can easily dry and warm large towels or bathrobes. The Sierra  comes with a programmable timer, allowing you the flexibility to set     it in advance so your towels are warm when you step out of the shower or bath. Including this as a comfort element in your bathroom’s design     can help you create that tranquil and relaxing spa atmosphere you have always dreamed about. Imagine your home with the warmth of this beautiful and functional towel warmer.


Size         23 5/8”W x 31  1/2“H x 4 3/4"D  

  •       Voltage         120V (hardwired)  
  •       Watts         150 watts  
  •       Mounting         Wall mounted  
  •       Approvals         UL Listed  
  •       Warranty         2 Years  
  •       On/Off Switch           Yes  
  •       Control         Includes a programmable timer control
  • Item #: TW-SR-08PS-H

Sierra Towel Warmer TW-SR-08PS-HW

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