Barcelona Towel Warmer TW-BC-08BS-FS

Barcelona Towel Warmer

Freestanding, brushed stainless steel, plug-in electric towel warmer

    The Barcelona Towel Warmer is manufactured with a flawless brushed stainless     steel finish to ensure lasting beauty and durability. It has 8 sleek horizontal     bars that can easily dry and warm large towels or bathrobes. Designed as a     freestanding unit, giving you the flexibility to use it in virtually any room     of your home – bathroom, laundry room, or even in a dorm room.



Size         24” W x 36” H  

  •       Voltage         120V (plug-in)  
  •       Watts         150 watts  
  •       Mounting         Free Standing  
  •       Approvals         UL Listed  
  •       Warranty         2 Years  
  •       On/Off Switch           Yes
  • Item #: TW-BC-08B

Barcelona Towel Warmer TW-BC-08BS-FS

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